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So since there are a lot of new/returning TS2 players, I figured I’d post a link to something that will vastly useful if you weren’t aware it existed before.


One of the main problems with The Sims 2 after playing for a while is how unnecesarily cluttered the hoods become, especially the pre-made hoods and all the “stealth” hoods, such as Veronaville and the Magic subhood. To fix this, you can visit this page, which has really handy templates that clear out things like unnecessary townies, NPC’s and just general things like memories, dead sims, and general glitchiness of EAxis’ game :)

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You & your pretty Sims *.*

thank you <3

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Anonymous asked : I would just die if it would be possible to get a download of your complete sims 2 cc folder ;-;

I’m sorry but that’s not possible, most cc creators don’t like to have their content uploaded by other people, and there’s the whole matter of size, and some of the cc might not even work properly in your game, because ts2 is temperamental like that :/

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woot woot, follow train!


woot woot, follow train!

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