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tripping-tides replied to your photoset

ohhh she’s perfect <3


thank you so much <333


loeilestdieu replied to your photoset “Idek what I was trying to do here ”

You were trying to do awesomeness, I presume. Cause that’s what it is :3 <3



loeilestdieu replied to your post “loeilestdieu replied to your photoset “ Some more Ilana” This outfit…”

Yeah ): I’m 161cm tall, I may not be the shortest but I consider myself to be vertically challenged as well and long coats/jackets look very awkward on me too XD

I’m 162, shorties unite 



loeilestdieu replied to your photoset

She’s adorable *___*!


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anitka-sims replied to your post “anitka-sims replied to your photoset beautiful as always! ♥”

haha that gif is cuuute! thumbs up for more gifs xD

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Idek what I was trying to do here 

anitka-sims replied to your photoset

beautiful as always! ♥

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loeilestdieu replied to your photoset “ Some more Ilana”

This outfit looks great *w* I like it a lot on her <3!

Thank you :> I think it looks pretty badass, I love longcoats, If I wasn’t so vertically challenged I’d wear them all the time

anitka-sims replied to your photoset “ Some more Ilana”

Love her style and her face <3

Thank you *w*

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Farewell To Sims 2 (3) Tag

Sorry this took so long, I was tagged by: loeilestdieu, misstiikeri and anitka-sims thank you all :>


1. When did you start playing the Sims 2?

Back when it first came out, the sims 2 was the first sims game I ever played. I discovered cc pretty early on, and joined a Brazilian forum where I actually made some good friends and had a great time, there were a lot of fun challenges and the people were super nice. Oddly enough I ended up being good friends with another Portuguese guy, then we lost touch for a while and when we reconnected again, we were both gay and pretty much into the same things as each other even though we hadn’t talked in years and didn’t have much in common back then besides ts2. I don’t know why but that always struck me as very serendipitous. I didn’t get involved with the english speaking community until 2008/09 and even then I mostly lurked, until I made my simblr in 2012 I think.

2. What did you like most about the Sims 2?

I like CAS, and alien abduction, I always found it awesome for some reason.I don’t play much these days, I mostly make sims and take screenshots, but I loved playing the game and remember having a lot of fun. I still play occasionally but not for the long stretches of time I used to.

3. What did you spend most of your time doing in the Sims 2?

Believe it or not, when I first started out playing I was really into making lots, a lot more than making sims actually. They were the first cc I ever shared, they were all modern, minimalist monstrosities with lots of glass and those godawful shiny floors, but people actually seemed to like them. Now I mostly make sims, I’m way too lazy to get into making lots again, mostly because I don’t like modern architecture anymore, and the kind of grungy clutter-filled lots I do like take ages to decorate.

4. One thing you won’t forget about the Sims 2?

All the fun I had, no matter what I chose to do, I always had fun playing the game.

5. One thing that annoyed you the most in the Sims 2?

The loading screens, even now that I have a good laptop and they don’t take nearly as long to load as they used to they still bother me.

6. How has the Sims 2 impacted your life?

In all kinds of ways actually, I think it was the first time I looked at computers as something I could thinker with, it made me a lot more internet-savvy, I got really into image editing, although that was partly due to playing text-based rpgs too, and overall I met some great people. And even though I don’t talk to some of them as often, or at all, they played a crucial role in my life at one point and I’m grateful for that.

7. Will you be playing the Sims 2/3 after the release of the Sims 4?

I’m actually not sure I’ll play the sims 4 to begin with, I guess we’ll see once there’s more cc available. I have no plans to stop playing ts2 whatsoever, tho.

Tagging people is always so hard because I leave lots of people out but here goes: melanahorwitz, tripping-tides, lilithpleasant, izzylovessims, joes-stuff, ove51, simterior, lilith-sims and everyone else who wants to do the tag :v

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loeilestdieu asked : Hey T_T I don't know if you take WCIF asks and sorry if it bothers you/has already been asked but...I wanted to ask where you got the cheek piercings in these pictures of Erin? post/94634930542 ; 3; *slowly creeps back into the shadows*

Nah it doesn’t bother me at all, don’t be silly :v but unfortunately I couldn’t find a working link, the piercings are part of a set by aCrazyThing, but their site seems to be offline, and I can’t find any other way to download them, sorry :/ 

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Anonymous asked : Everything about you blog is perfect !! How do you edit your pics? I'm sort of a beginner here at the whole picture taking thing

Thank you so much ;-; I actually use a mix of actions I find here and there, mostly on deviantart, there’s a few steps I always follow no matter what, but I play around with the end results a lot. After I’m done with the editing I unsharpen the image, then because sims 2 images have a lot of sharp edges, I duplicate the layer, use the blur tool (between 1-1,5 more than that and it looks weird) and then I erase the blur on the face only. This is actually a lazy way to deal with the sharp edges and pixelated bits, misstiikeri has a wonderful tutorial with a much better, cleaner way to deal with that. I realise this might be very confusing, and not make much sense if you’re just starting out with photoshop, if you want me to I can make a more in-depth tutorial, but there’s really not a great deal to say about how edit my pictures, the actions play the biggest part in the overall colour scheme. 

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helenastrangetown asked : OMG i love Ilana, she´s beautiful. Please tell me where do you get her coat and those lips? (are they yours?)

Thank you `*-* the coat you can find here, and the lips are by misstiikeri and you can find them here

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