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"I don’t know what to do any more Emil" Mischa sighs and rests his head on his arms. I pat his back, but that’s about it…I don’t know what to do either; sooner or later we knew this day would come.

"But he has clients lined up already?"

"Yes, the very rich, very impatient kind of clients. You know he’s getting married soon, and he doesn’t want the bride’s family to get wind of his more unsavoury business, so it’s up to me to get things cracking” That would be something. All hell breaking loose on the wedding day due to an anonymous tip exposing all of Albert’s dirty secrets. If I didn’t value my neck on top of my shoulders so much I would do it myself. 

"Did he give you a deadline? Maybe we can find someone willing to do it for a price." Fat chance. Knowing Albert and his usual clients, it would be something so sick and disturbing no amount of money could convince a sane person to do it.

"If you could point me in the general direction of nearest group of masochists I would be much obliged!" I feel sorry for Mischa, he got the burnt of it, not like what I do is a stroll in the park but it feels almost merciful by comparison.

"If I don’t find anyone..he…he" I don’t let him finish that sentence. I hold his wrist tightly and look him in the eye.

"No he won’t, you’re going to do it, I’ll help, I owe you that much." The smile that curves his lips is the kind that reminds me of better times, before we got involved with the likes of Albert, life was never easy for us but at least we could fall asleep at night. It has been almost five years since I could lay in bed without being filled with regret. 

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